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Kris Lemieux - Realtor®

Kris Lemieux


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Kris spent her early years in Denver, but was at Rainy Lake every summer to visit her grandparents.  By her high school years, she decided that summers were best spent enjoying the sun and fun of Rainy Lake instead of the hustle and bustle of the big city.  So she started extending her weeklong vacations to several months, hanging out at her grandparents’ or aunt & uncles’ place – living the dream.

After marrying Mike Lemieux and raising their family on the shores or Rainy, Kris and Mike have created strong ties to the community through an incredible group of friends and close business associates that are drawn to their kindness and community involvement.  And as a business owner for many years, Kris understands what it takes to treat people the way they expect to be treated.


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